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    Jurong Intan Foil Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996, is by self-support import and export factory. Our company is located in Longtan Town,Nanjing City, the birthplace of gold leaf. Nearby Nanjing Lukou Airport and from Shanghai about one hour by high-speed rail.

    We specializes in manufacturing all types of Gold Leaf,Imitation Gold Leaf,Silver Leaf,Imitation Silver Leaf and Stamping Foil,which are widely used furniture,building decoration,golden words,temple/figure of Buddha,picture frame,tableware and suitable for gilded base material include wood,resin,plastic,PVC,glass,metal,stone,rubber and paper etc.The gold leaf can specially added in food,cosmetics and medicinal materials and pasted on the surface of the skin by SPA
    Our company employs more than 150 workers and independent production hammer paper.The bright color,uniform thickness, neat edges and corners are our quality standard ; through the efforts of our entire staff, we can produce more than 15 million foils and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets through out the world.
    Our company promises: reasonable prices, short production time, honesty and trustworthiness services. Buyers are welcome to contact us.


    Gold Leaf
    Imitation Gold Leaf
    Silver Leaf
    Imitation Silver Leaf
    Stamping Foil
    Gilding Glue

    Metal Foils

    Various types of foil color bright, uniform thickness, no color. 


    Auxiliary Materials

    Gilding materials include glue, primer, finish, brush... 

    Gilding Method and Service

    We have a professional staff to provide you with the gilding service.