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  • With inter paper

    This packing is easy to take out the leaf and gild with any projects so it is normal and original packing, the problem is the weight of each 10,000 leaves is heavy.

    Packing details:

    Each leaf is separated by tissue paper

    100 leaves are folded by a slip of paper

    1,000 leaves/pack
    10 packs/ 10,000 leaves/ foamy box
    2 foamy boxes/ 20,000 leaves/ carton (38X28X42CM)

    the gross weight of each carton is about 11KGS (20,000 leaves)

    Size: 16CMX16CM、14CMX14CM

    Without inter paper

    We take out the leaf from inter paper to staggered put so the package of 10,000 leaves is most small and easy to transport with cheaper charge by air. It is hot popular packing for export.

    Packing details:
    100 leaves/ per pink paper
    500 leaves/ per pack
    10,000 leaves/ 20 packs/ aluminum bag/ per white box(we can print your special brand LOGO)
    10 boxes/ 100,000 leaves/ per carton (48X31X26CM)
    the gross weight of each box is about 1.2KG
    Size: 16CMX16CM

    This packing is apply to retail by drop

    25 leaves per booklet

    40 booklets/1000 leaves/pack

    10 packs/400 booklets/10000 leaves/foamy box

    2 foamy boxes/20 packs/20000 leaves/carton

    Size: 16CMX16CM、14CMX14CM

    Flaken Leaf

    2KGS per carton (45X38X40CM)