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  • Gilding Case

    Is a kind of ancient art, is the treasures of traditional Chinese folk crafts, more than 5,000 years ago, the Neolithic Age, archaeologists in Guanghan County, Sichuan Province, Sanxingdui ruins unearthed cultural relics, found and confirmed that the bronze with gold sheet decorated , We can see our ancestors in 5000 years ago has cherished the consciousness of gold and mastered the gold paste sheet of technology. To more than 3,000 years ago, the Shang Dynasty, China's gold technology mature, and widely used in the palace aristocratic or Buddhist temple of the paste, to show its magnificent or dignified dignity. Nanjing is the hometown of gold foil, since the gold foil, gold paste technology came into being. Since ancient times, the gold foil formula and the stunt of the stunt is not close to the people, so people can not imagine how to make gold as thin as onion skin gold foil, and how to thin as onion leather gold foil decorated in a variety of objects TheAfter the years of continuous exploration and new technology research and development, and finally put aside the mystery of the ancient paste artist. Today, Nanjing Jinjinzhuan people, not only inherited a long history of the paste affixed to the family of Nanjing, the essence of the single-paste gold technology, but also blend of Italy, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other places of advanced gold technology, and Combined with the modern high-tech means to make the ancient Chinese gold paste more comprehensive, more reasonable, more perfect, and more modern; today's Nanjing paste gold technician, has let the gold craft everywhere, omnipotent; today's Nanjing Paste the enterprise, has become China's gold industry today, a blossoming bright wonderful work.

    Traditional steps and the main points of operation

    1 primary treatment

    Will be the first to pay the gold plate, feet and other parts of the paint with gray embedded in the dense, smooth, sanding smooth, out of the net dust, with a small tofu or raw blood plus color brush again, with the old cotton net income (paste is the last A decorative process, the other parts of the gold has long been survived well).
    2 feet

    Also known as playing gold pad, select high-quality light paint, paint the first to be heavier, generally do the gold foot of the wide paint ratio for the cotton lacquer (raw lacquer) 1: billet 0.5 ~ 0.6 is appropriate, with a special small paint brush Gold pawls or painted pen) dipped in the paint will carefully paste the flowers of the board, feet, etc. painted painted wide paint. When painting, to prevent the pattern or the foot of the small concave paint and excessive wrinkle skin. General gold feet for two times is appropriate, but also for three times, its purpose is to make the film full of meat full of meat.

    3 stickers

    In the last time after the gold feet made, in its dry dry, the gold foil or aluminum foil carefully applied to the feet, the specific practices and ancient building with the same gold. When the gold, the feet of the dry degree, is a key issue, the golden feet of the old, then the gold and gold feet or all the local paste is not strong; Paste gold foil or aluminum foil, the operation should be light and meticulous, because the gold foil or aluminum foil thin and tender, easy to break damaged, must be careful operation. If you find a leaky place, to immediately fill the gold.

    Paste the quality of good or bad, in addition to the fullness of gold feet, the main depends on the old feet of the old feet. Therefore, in the construction to carefully observe the degree of dry feet, because the dry lacquer is a complex process, the need to continue from the practice of accumulation and lessons learned.

    4 cover gold

    Paste the gold dry, painted in the above painted a paint, known as "cover gold", cover gold with the paint, the best choice of lacquered golden yellow paint, or paint lighter, thick meat, floor Good hair dam paint, Yanzhou paint and so on. Cover gold with the paint brush, should use the capillary and soft brush trumpet (available hair made), brushing method and the same as the construction of paint.

    5 cover gold paint

    In the white side (aluminum foil) covered with gold paint, can be preceded by brushing the yellow shellac varnish, in the shellac paint, add a little yellow, alkaline yellow or salt base gold, the purpose is to make white was yellow, while preventing Due to cover when the accidentally destroyed the white exposed gold feet, affecting the quality.

    6 sweep gold process

    Sweep gold is a gold powder coated with gold powder on a construction process. Sweep gold is not like a piece of gold with a small trace of the box, sweep gold for large area construction, can be a whole, but with a larger amount of gold.

    (1) sweep gold operating procedures: brush gold plastic sweep gold

    (2) sweep gold operation points

    ① brush gold plastic: (and paste the same process, here omitted)

    ② sweep gold: the gold foil with a special gold powder kneaded into gold powder, and then use the wool pen to sweep the gold powder on the surface of gold oil, the thickness should be uniform, and then cotton kneading pressure, so that gold powder and gold glue bonded firmly, and then Will be floating gold powder can be recovered.

    Buddha has a lot of gold, gold, gold and so on. Paste more suitable for large clay figurines. In order to set off the golden color, you must first in the clay sculpture on the surface of a layer of yellow background, and then on the surface layer of tung oil, (now also on the varnish) to be a little dry after you can paste gold foil. Drying the furnace is very important, to moderate. Too dry gold foil is not on, too sticky gold foil deformation stickers are not the whole. So it is a living by experience. The gold foil gently affixed to the surface of the Buddha, with a little bit of the pen to compaction, so that the gold foil is completely diluted in the tung oil is not completely dry, when the surface of the Buddha all covered after the basic completion of the full.

    Buddha statue - gold paste method

    Traditional gift technique

    Traditional gold paste technology produced by the effect of different products, mainly because they are used to deal with the preparation of the glue is not the same preparation, and now commonly used glue mainly hydrofoam and toothpaste glue these two. Hydrosol is relatively easy to prepare and operate, but the effect of gold paste is generally no good quality toothpaste glue. The use of toothpaste glue is directly on the surface of the paste in the paste after the paste is not made of protective paint, the true embodiment of the primary colors of gold, the disadvantage is that without collision, a little hard scratch can scrap the surface of the gold scraping. The previous process has also been painted on the surface of the gold foil to protect, but it can not reflect the primary colors of gold.

    High-strength gold paste technique

    High-strength gold paste technology is coated with high-strength gold foil on the surface of the protective paint, often with high light and matte two. The use of this paste the production of handicrafts, abrasion resistance, anti-acid and alkali corrosion performance and protection of the quality of the cycle to protect the paint has a great relationship. The transparency of the protective paint directly affects the effect of gold texture.

    Buddha statue - protection method

    1. Crystal paste gold glue

    Previously attached to the glue with a different color, so transparent objects in the top of the paste out of the gold color can not be consistent inside and outside. Crystal paste the appearance of glue just make up for this defect, for the development of gold technology to provide a new starting point. The use of crystal paste gold glue, in the transparent film, glass materials and other transparent materials can produce a consistent golden color effect. This glue is characterized by: curing a long time, transparent colorless, strong adhesion, gold texture is relatively thick.

    2. Purple high-strength paste glue

    In view of the high hardness of the surface of the object on the surface of the paste prone to skin, falling shell, the problem of insufficient adhesion, Jinwen after more than a year of development and research has finally developed a high-strength paste glue, this glue in the smooth Of bronze, stainless steel and other objects on the surface of the paste has a strong adhesion, glue stability, paste out the thick gold foil strong sense of strong. However, this glue due to the addition of special materials, it is particularly long curing time, the normal to 64-70 hours, the weather is cold to more than 80 hours. Master the best time to fill the time, in order to make the best gold technology.

    Gilding Team

    Jurong Yida Foil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is located in Qixia District of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Longtan Town, Baohua five St. Temple. (Also known as aluminum foil), is currently the largest manufacturer of foil industry. After 20 years of efforts and struggle, now has more than 200 employees, playing foil machine more than 60 Taiwan, to produce imitation gold foil up to 15 million, the foil (also known as with lining foil) widely sold in the domestic market and India, Southeast Asia, (Including Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc.), the foil is more popular in Europe and the United States customers. 2012 opened the right to import and export, is currently the largest export enterprises of metal foil.